Jewish & Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies

Rabbi Michael''s Philosophy:
It 's Your Wedding, Not Someone Else's

In every wedding, Jewish, interfaith or something else, Rabbi Michael approaches this as your wedding, not someone else's. You figure out with him what rituals and customs to include and how to make your wedding exactly that--yours.

Call Rabbi Michael today and talk about your ideas for your wedding day.  Jewish & Interfaith wedding ceremonies may range from very traditional to spiritual. 

You and your fiance are individuals who have come together to celebrate life as one unique family. Let Rabbi Michael help make your wedding day dreams come true.

Ever worry about the rabbi getting to your wedding on time, avoiding the Southern California traffic? 

One couple recently arranged for a friend to fly Rabbi Michael and his wife to travel by helicopter from Orange County to Simi Valley. Quite the view flying up the coast! When a helicopter isn't available he'll plan ahead for the traffic.

Reserving Your Wedding Date 

Saturday Starting Time


There are only so many weekends in a year! Contact Rabbi Michael right away to find out if he is available on your date. When you meet with him he puts a hold on your date and will contact you if someone calls for the same date and give you right of first refusal. 
Talk to Rabbi Michael about when your wedding can start on Saturday. You might be surprised how early things can get going and how flexible he can be.
There are many circumstances in which Rabbi Michael is happy to officiate with ministers and priests of other faiths. We can create a celebration that respects the faiths of two families and honors the integrity of each religious tradtion.

Including Everyone

Baby Naming Services

Once You Commit

Rabbi Michael understands that families come from different religious backgrounds. He makes sure that everyone feels included in the wedding ceremony. 
Couples that commit to Rabbi Michael officiating their wedding meet with him, receive support documents, have access to him by phone, email and Skype and get help with everything ceremony-related. One of his primary goals is to get to know you as well as possible so the ceremony can be personal and he will feel connected to you.

Rabbi Michael enjoys providing baby naming services to many of his couples. Please call or email him in advance and let him know your when you're thinking of having a naming ceremony. He'll help with Hebrew names and creating a beautiful ceremony for your family.

Destination Weddings

Rabbi Michael has officiated at weddings around the world, including Argentina, Austrailia, Mexico, Canada, and throughout the United States. He is happy to travel wherever you want your wedding to happen.

Talk to Rabbi Michael about setting up the venue and date for your celebration. You can reach via this phone number: 562-522-9152 or via email: [email protected]


We Do it All!

Rabbi Michael's family can handle many pieces of the wedding ceremony from chuppah, to DJ to designing a custom wedding tallit. Rabbi Michael's daughter runs, his son-in-law is a DJ at and his wife is a fabric artist at and can create a custom tallit for your wedding ceremony. You can find the links below:




Rabbi Michael's son-in-law, Brent Rosen, has been a DJ in the Los Angeles area for 20 years and has brought music and celebration to weddings, birthdays, and all forms of joyous events. Brent can bring the music, encourage the dancing, and get everyone involed in the festivities. You can reach him at to talk to him and book him as DJ and/or MC.
Rabbi Michael's wife, Caryn, is a fabric artist and creates custom-designed tallises (tallitot) for wedding couples, bar and bat mitzvah and for any reason, one might want a unique tallis. She will work with you to select colors and embroidery design elements that can include names, dates, and any other designs you select to create the tallis for that special moment when Rabbi Michael wraps it around the bride and groom near the end of the ceremony. You then have a tallis that will be a unique piece of art for any future occasion and an amazing keepsake from the moment of your wedding. Go to for more information about tallises, challah covers, yarmulkes (kipot) and any other ritual items she can create with and for you.
Rabbi Michael's daughter, Ally, owns and operates HappyChuppah, providing the chuppah (wedding canopy) for weddings throughout Southern California. She and her husband, Brian, have all kinds of chuppah structures, even a hexagonal peice they created last year. They will bring the chuppah to the wedding in plenty of time for the cerimony, set it up so the florists can decorate and then will take it away afterwards. Contact Ally at and talk to her about the chuppah you want for your wedding celebration. She and Brian will make it happen and create something beautiful.
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